Client arrived for a consultation regarding doing a will, health care directive and power of attorney. Often times clients are not aware of the sweeping powers granted in a power of attorney to the specified agent. This client was different, however, as she right away inquired as to the possible effects of signing the power of attorney. When it was explained to client that the agent would be free to go on his or her own to a bank and take funds out of an account, for example, client decided to only do a will and health care directive.

Clients are two young guys interesting in becoming rappers. When the benefits of doing an llc was explained to them, they decided to create one to market their music. Also needed was a contract with their producer. Care was taken to draft a contract that would protect their interests but also be fair to the producer and provide sufficient incentives for the producer to want to work with the clients.

Client arrived for a consultation after her mother passed away. Client wanted assistance in a dispute with her sister. The sister was claiming to have a will signed by the mother. Client believed the will was fabricated. An objection was filed to the probate started by the sister, and the government agency with oversight responsibilities, scheduled a hearing to take the views of the parties. Client was represented at the hearing and ultimately the sister withdrew her probate. The estate is now being properly administered.

Clients are father and son who want to operate a towing business. Clients wanted the protection a limited liability company would provide them. More difficult were meetings held with clients to draft an operating agreement. Discussions occurred regarding profit sharing, duties and responsibilities, withdrawals from the business and all related items. Ultimately, an operating agreement was signed by the father and son, and the duo was on their way to a successful enterprise.

Client is an individual and designer of eye wear. He has a relationship with a manufacturer to produce his designed products. He located a company that would distribute the product across the country. After the advice of counsel, it was agreed that client would need a distributorship agreement to enter into with the distributor. Care was taken and an agreement was presented to client for his use.