Jeff is the ultimate professional. I have used his services for approximately ten years for representation for my various businesses. He is a creative problem solver & always devises solutions that are practical & efficient, but yet protect the legal interests of my businesses. His fees are reasonable & I trust that he always has my best interests at heart.

Mark Desmond, Owner Wireless Partners, LLC

Jeff is a true winner. He has never lost a case for me. He is level headed when all around him have lost theirs. When you have trouble or have been cheated or taken advantage of, Jeff is the person you should consult. He is very professional and reasonably priced. He gets results in your favor.

Vincent Dispoto, Owner Midlantic Medical Transport, Inc.

My husband and I retained Jeff to obtain advice regarding wills and living wills. We found that Jeff answered our questions in a clear fashion. As a result, we felt that we were in a good position to make decisions that one must make when doing wills and living wills. Jeff proceeded to draft our wills and living wills. We were pleased with the work product we received.

Susan Reid

I have a very high student loan debt balance. I retained Jeff for consultation and advice regarding my options. I wanted to explore the possibility of reaching a settlement or other options like forbearance or deferment. I found Jeff to be knowledgeable and the advice he gave to be helpful. His fees are reasonable and he is generous with his time. I would recommend him to others.

Kathleen O